Whats Love Got to do With it?

L, is for the way you look at…your credit card statement on Feb 15th. Here we are. The hangover from New Year’s is behind us and Memorial Day Weekend seems like a bleak ray of light at the end of this dark wintery tunnel. So we reluctantly look forward to (my personal least favorite holiday) Valentines Day. Many single people dread it but plot twist many people in relationships dread it as well.

The PRESSURE… to buy over priced Wine, search tirelessly for a cute IG caption, buy a red or pink dress that you will never wear again, fight 4 other guys for the last bouquet of red roses…and end the night lying in bed scrolling through your insta feed and seeing how every other couple on the planet celebrated their love. #ThankUNext

So when did showing love to your significant other become a brand marketing campaign? Why does it take a flying baby in a diaper and a $150 steak for us to show someone we care? In the age of Facebook relationships, #CoupleGoals and swiping right…is simply “loving” someone without all the extra BS enough?

Just to be clear, I am not a hater. I am the girl who starts playing Christmas music in September. From #NationalTacoDay to #NationalSelfieDay and everything in between…I am a big believer in holidays. Companies would call me their “ideal customer” because trust me I will be first in line to purchase the flashing Cinco De Mayo shot glasses at Target. So no, I don’t hate Valentines or judge people who love it. In fact, more power to you! I am just at the point in my life where all the fluff is tiresome. 18 year old Nam wanted prince charming to find her glass slipper and sweep her off her feet. 25 year old Nam just wants prince charming to find her wine glass and rub her feet.

Between the posts and likes and views and tweets… it makes me wonder… whats love got to do with it? So whether you are celebrating your first V-day as a couple, celebrating being single, celebrating with your girls/guys/pets or celebrating with your long term partner (like me)…here are 5 ways to make sure your v-day is truly about love…and not all the other stuff!

Unplug: You do not need to live stream the chef lighting your tiramisu on fire or gush over another girl’s gift basket on Snapchat. Unplug and enjoy your time with your significant other. And trust me, I am definitely not one to talk as my whole life is on IG…but a fun trick I have been trying lately is to take all the pics you want but hold off on posting them till after the activity. This way you don’t get distracted from enjoying the moment.

Start a Tradition: This is my favorite tip and something Arj and I have always tried to do. Start a tradition that you can look forward to every year. Whether it’s going to a particular restaurant, drinking a particular wine or watching a particular movie, make it something that is just between the two of you. Something that makes V-day feel a little less mainstream.

Celebrate with Everyone: You don’t have to be in a relationship to be in love. Valentines Day is a great excuse to treat your mom/dad, siblings, friends and even yourself (did someone say spa day??) There are also tons of volunteer opportunities on V-Day such as serving food to couples who cannot afford fancy 3 course meals. Spread the love with everyone!

Don’t sweat the small stuff : Trust me when I say…the “perfect” gift does not exist. And thats okay. If your partner loves you, they will love any gift you give them (Arj is probably laughing at this because I have definitely returned a few of the gifts he has given me…oops LOL but I still loved the thought behind it) So don’t break the bank and lose your mind over it. If you burn the chicken…order pizza. If your dress doesn’t fit…opt for jeans. If you accidentally forget to tell her she looks beautiful…honestly there is no way of getting out of that one.

Be the Feb 15th version of Yourself: This is so important. V-Day is one day a year where your relationship is under a microscope. The pressure and hype can turn people into a different version of themselves. If fancy dinners and heels aren’t your thing for 364 days in the year, don’t force it on yourself for V-day. Do what makes you happy!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A jaded guide to surviving February 14th. And remember, today may be Valentines day, but tomorrow is half priced candy day…and let’s be real, thats what really matters.


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