Nordstrom Fall Sale

The time has finally come…FALL! There are tons of things I love about fall. The food, fireplace, festivities, family time and let’s be real…the FREAKING amazing sales! This time of year is a blessing for shopper’s like me. Nothing gets me going quite like seeing 50% off on a website…I get actual jitters when I enter in promo codes and see my “total amount due” split in half! If any of this relates to you…or if you think I am weird but you still love to shop….this is the place for you!

I will be sharing all sorts of sales, bargain finds and deals with you for the next 2 months! And there is no better way to start shopping season than with one of my favorites…NORDSTROM!

Happy shopping! Make sure to tag me in your ootds so I can swoon over all these amazing finds!

(pro tip: make sure you click into the actual link to see the sale price!)

xoxo Nams



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