Life In Namhattan: Week 3 & 4

Here we are week 3 & 4. I fell behind on my blogging schedule but the weather was nice this weekend so you can’t blame me. It is crazy to think that tomorrow will mark 1 month in NYC. I feel like I have already been here for a year (my bank account feels the same way) Here goes this week’s good, great and ugly.

​The Good : Chelsea Market

I am so glad we made our way to Chelsea Market. It is a must see spot and every foodie’s dream come true. When I walked in, I was not expecting to see so many different options. It took us 30 mins to decide what we wanted because every restaurant looked so amazing. We ended up getting Japanese tacos and a boozy milkshake (mostly for the gram) Chelsea Market is the perfect place to hang out for dinner with friends or even just chill by yourself and people watch (one of my fav pastimes) The best part was that it was totally affordable and trust me….that had been hard for me to find so far!

(Nam’s Tip: Scope the menus out before hand so you don’t have a mental breakdown when trying to decide between 100 options)

The Great: Bottomless Brunch

This weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with Bottomless Brunch at San Marzano and boyyyy was it a blast. Alcoholic orange juice is truly one of life’s little miracles. The food was amazing and started tasting better with each mimosa. The bottomless brunch options are limitless in the city. Some are better than others if you are trying to get more bang for your buck (aka if you are trying to get wasted for $15) Most places have a time limit for the bottomless option and require you to purchase a brunch entree as well. The eggs benny were worth every penny.

(Nam’s Tip: Don’t make plans for later in the day, because brunch turns into drinking until you fall asleep at 8pm…(trust me))

The Ugly: When the clouds go away literally EVERYONE comes out to play

Seriously though. Everyone on the island of Manhattan seemed to be out and about this weekend. The weather was beautiful so I wasn’t surprised but holy crap the lines were long. Waiting for the subway felt like waiting for a ride at Disneyland, except there was nothing magical about feeling sweat on my arm from the man next to me. Every restaurant, museum and bar had waits close to an hour long. But to be quite honest, spending the afternoon listening to mainstream pop (my girl selena) on a rooftop bar in the sun was worth it.

(Nam’s Tip: Be a celeb, know a celeb or fake either of those options…maybe they will let you cut the line.)

Till next time!

xoxo Nams


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