Life In Namhattan: Week 2

It has officially been 2 weeks since I moved from my parent’s couch to New York City. I am now a public transportation using, street food eating, j-walking, local (that’s what I keep telling myself, though I’m sure actual locals would disagree)

Now that I am somewhat comfortable with the subway and street/ave situation, I utilized my new skills to explore foreign areas of the city. And by foreign, I mean that I ventured past 35th street. So here goes this weeks recap (the good, the great and the ugly)


OMG! I can’t say this enough… the food in NYC is too good. I cannot walk down a single street without finding cute new cafes and restaurants. It is a blessing and a curse! I am still in the honeymoon stage so most of the places that I have been going to are very social media popular and on every “10 restaurants you must try in NY” list. Hopefully by week 3 I will start venturing into all of New York’s tiny hole in the wall gems! Of the many places I ate at this weekend, my favorites were Eataly for lunch and Rosemary’s for brunch. (will review both places in a separate post soon)

(Nams Tip: Make reservations everywhere. I sometimes forget that I am not Barack Obama and that  if I don’t have a reservation, I will be waiting 45 mins for a table )

The Great: The phrase “Im bored” does not exist in NYC

There is seriously a never ending list of things you can do over the weekend. This is the one thing I love most about living in a big city. Coming from the suburbs, my idea of an eventful Saturday was going to Target and maybe grabbing dinner at chipotle if I am feeling really wild. That is not the case in NY! This weekend was sunny and warm in the city, so the entire population came out from their hiding spots. We adventured all the way up to the Bronx for a Yankees game (but mostly for the hotdogs). The next day we ate crepes and enjoyed the live music, acrobats, dancers and plethora of cute babies/puppies at Washington Square Park. Later in the day, we headed to Finnerty’s in the East Village to watch the NBA playoff games. To all my Bay Area peeps (go dubs) this is a Bay Area bar, they even serve SF beer!

(Nams Tip: Don’t be fooled by the Sun or your weather apps…Humidity always gets the last laugh)

The Ugly: Scamhattan

Ok guys this a good one. You can all have a nice laugh at my expense. (LITERALLY MY EXPENSE) because…. I was scammed.

Call me a suburb girl at heart, but I always try to tell myself that people have good intentions. I may have to change that outlook on life during my time in NY. Though this was partially my fault, I was pissed. Here is how it played out…

We had just spent the entire day exploring and wanted to end off with a nice walk through central park. Our feet were so tired and we were still about 30 mins walking distance. We decided to hail a cab when we saw a nice looking man (boy were we wrong) rides up to us in a rickshaw. He said he would take us to Central Park and we could enjoy a scenic ride on the way. Now we knew it would be a little more expensive because that is always how these “fun” experiences are. What we didn’t do was ask exactly how much it would be. Fast forward 12 minutes and we pull into Central Park. Our driver immediately whips out his calculator and that is when I knew we were in trouble…. He charged us $6 per minute for a 12 minute ride….SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS for a TWELVE MINUTE RIDE. Im honestly getting heated just typing this. Lucky for us, we were raised with Indian parents and know a thing or two about bargaining. We told him we could only give him 35 max and of course he grabbed it and bolted. Lesson learned…NEVER assume anyone who is trying to sell you something is a “nice guy.”

(Nams Tip: Don’t be lazy like us…use your feet and walk for free to avoid a $70 rickshaw ride from hell)

So there you have it! My second week in NYC was one for the books. Check back for more!

xoxo Nams


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