Life In Namhattan: Week 1

Last week, I packed my suitcases and moved across the country. I guess living next to the big apple was not enough (get it…because I live in Cupertino…5 mins from apple HQ…please laugh). So I decided to move to the even bigger apple, NEW YORK CITYYYYY.

I got an amazing opportunity to live in New York through work and have never been more excited! I will only be here for 2 months but am so excited to share this amazing adventure with all of you! After being pushed on subways, yelled at for walking on the wrong side of the escalator, getting lost at least 3 times a day, starting work at a new office, learning the difference between streets and aves and trying not to giggle when people say “New Yawkk”…I made it through the first week in one piece. Each week, I will share 3 NY moments with all of you.  Don’t worry, I will include the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here we go…

Taking the Subway ( The ugly)

I am from the suburbs. The only form of public transportation that I ever use is Lyft. So you can imagine how I looked trying to get on a packed train during rush hour. Nothing like a nice armpit whif of the man standing next to you to start your day! To be fair, NY has one of the most efficient public transportation systems I have seen. It is quick and affordable. I am hoping to get subway savvy before I leave, but as of now the only Subway I am an expert on is the one full of ham, mayo and pepper jack cheese.

(Nams Tip: Bathe in hand sanitizer)

Stormy day in NY (The bad)

The first two days of my New York experience were beautiful. The sun was out, kids were playing and I got away with wearing no jacket for the whole weekend. And then mother nature hit menopause. My first New York storm was an interesting experience. Ice cold wind, horrible traffic,  flipped umbrella and destroyed shoes were all my reality before 12pm. Besides the fact that I bumped into a large balloon and apologized because I thought I had hit a person, it was all good.

(Nams Tip: Do not bother doing your hair or makeup on rainy days in NYC)

Brunch (The really really good)

No words can describe the brunch lifestyle in NYC. Coming from SF, where the clock literally stops for brunch, I had very high expectations. I was truly blown away by how many amazing brunch spots lined almost every street. The crowd looked fun and the food looked even better. After two bites of my eggs benedict, I was officially in love with the NY brunch scene. I am so excited to eat my way through all of the yummiest and of course most instagrammable brunches in the city. Please send me any recommendations you have as well!

(Nams Tip: Bring an empty stomach and lotttttssss of $$$ )

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my first week in the big city! Check back for more.

xoxo Nams


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