July 4th Outfit Recap


Happy Fourth of July! So excited to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year. There are always so many events to look forward to and sometimes finding the perfect patriotic outfit can be a challenge. The recent release of Wonder Woman had me feeling some type of way…but I came to the sad conclusion that an American Flag super suit would not be appropriate BBQ attire. I always try to be subtle with my looks but include pops of red white and blue! I definitely wanted to play into the neck tie trend for as long as I could before they go out of style and get shoved in the back of my closet with all my chokers (RIP) Each look is simple yet unique and perfect for many different occasions! My favorite part of the look are the platform shoes which were perfect for jamming out to Party in the USA (the platform also made it easy to walk in even after a few games of rage cage) The best part of it all is that each outfit is less than $100! Most of the styles are from one of my favorite affordable trend sites Shein.com! Cheers to that!


Let me know what you think of my July 4th looks!


She In: Red Fringe Heels ($31)

She In: Red Ruffle Dress ($14)

She In: Red Window Pane Top ($9)

She In: Panel Lace Up Wedges ($37)


xoxo Nams



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