Holy Matcha!

Guys, I cannot tell you how many times I have saved/ screen shotted/ pinned photos from Holy Matcha in SD! Everything about this place is instaworthy and the best part is that it is located in San Diego, one of my absolute favorite cities

When I got there, I was instantly hit with deja vu, this could be because it looked very similar to Cha Cha Matcha orrr it could also be because I have stalked it so many times on Instagram…Kind of like when you meet a guy “for the first time” but already know what kind of dog he has, where he goes for taco tuesday and what he got his mom for her bday (gotta love social media)

The pink walls, safari wallpaper, succulents, furry pillows and hipster table decor were right out of an Elle Woods Pinterest daydream. What I especially loved about Holy Matcha was that it definitely had a unique personality (don’t let the all the pink fool you, they had the best Kendrick bangers on repeat)

Now on to the good stuff…there was soooo much good stuff. The menu was diverse and had great options for every type of Matcha lover. I ended up ordering the basic Matcha Latte (with almond milk), Matcha and Charcoal soft serve and the Matcha glazed doughnut (YUM). Each item that I got was equally satisfying. The latte was perfect and though the black soft serve looked daunting, it tasted amazing (and it was vegan). As for the doughnut… it is pretty much impossible for a doughnut to taste bad, so yeah the doughnut was amazing too.

I love love loved Holy Matcha and would highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area (or you could be like me and drive 45 minutes out of your way to visit). My only advice would be to make sure you bring a friend who can 1) enjoy the amazing Matcha with you 2) take all of your IG and snapchat photos.


Hope you all enjoyed this very matcha!


xoxo Nams


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