Hello 24


24 years. It is still hard to believe how fast time is moving. I feel like the earth makes it’s way around the sun like 10x faster than I get ready in the morning…lol. In all seriousness, this has probably been one of the most influential years of my life so far. So many great memories that I will cherish forever and so many mistakes that I have learned from. So many accomplishments to be proud of and so many regrets that I want to pretend never happened. Either way, time doesn’t stop and wait for you. When I woke up this morning the page was blank, the slate wiped clean-ish (thanks to my lovely Facebook memories that haunt me every day..I don’t think the slate can ever be totally clean) I have so many things to talk about but also have lots of birthday mimosas to chug before the clock strikes 12. So here are the 23 biggest lessons I have learned this past year!

23 things I learned at age 23

  1. 16 years of schooling does NOT prepare you for the real world (taxes are a real and not just something you get annoyed paying at restaurants)
  2. Sometimes people in power can get away with disgraceful things (Washington DC) but at some point in life they have to pay the consequences (Hollywood)
  3. Ed Sheeran’s voice can cure pretty much any shitty day
  4. It is okay to eat Taco Bell for 3 meals in a row and not feel bad about it
  5. Long distance relationships are harder than I ever imagined
  6. Relationships in general are harder than I ever imagined
  7. Trading your keyboard for writing with a pen and paper is theraputic
  8. Sometimes you will find the greatest friends in people you barely know
  9. They say that money doesn’t dictate your life…but I kind of disagree
  10. Why didn’t I start putting money into a Roth IRA when I was 5…-_-
  11. The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why….still waiting on my why
  12. Social media is not real life and the girl you are stalking has just as many demons as the rest of us
  13. Can’t decide who is the better hype man for their kids…Kris Jenner or Lavar Ball?
  14. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have
  15. No matter what form I consume it in, I will never like Kale
  16. Having a good skincare routine is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself
  17. Working out doesn’t get easier
  18. Your parents aren’t getting any younger
  19. I have a shopping problem amongst other things
  20. Sometimes the passion fades
  21. It is okay to skip a night of drinking/ partying to read a book and sleep early
  22. Nothing comes easy
  23. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen

Ready to get Mamba Year going!

xoxo Nams


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