Fall Boot Trends

Bootie bootie bootie bootie rockin’ everywhere…everyday…with every outfit!

Shopping for trendy fashion boots can be challenging. I always go through the struggle of deciding weather or not I want to spend tons of money buying into trends that may only last for one season! Then I remember that I am not Kim K…and no one will fashion police me if I wear trends from last season.

That being said, boots are one of my favorite things to style! They are truly so easy because you can pair some trendy boots with a super simple outfit and still look amazing! Statement boots have been such a trend this fall and I decided to round up a few of my favorite trends. Some are a little out there…but I have tried to gather up boots from every style, price range and comfort level!

Trend #1: The White Boot

If you have been on social media lately…you have definitely seen white boots on the map. Who knows what happened to the whole “No white after labor day” thing! White in the fall is actually a really cute idea. The white is a nice pop color from all of the dark browns and deep reds in the fall. I own a few pairs myself and LOVE them!



Trend #2: The Velvet Boot

Winter and Velvet go together like me and netflix…a match made in heaven! No shocker that velvet is EVERYWHERE yet again. Velvet boots are definitely a fall/winter staple and perfect for all those holiday parties you will be attending! Because I know that velvet is something you can only wear a few months a year, I have linked some super affordable styles! Some starting as low as $32 bucks!



Trend #3: The Glitter Boot

You must have seen them…Rihanna has rocked them, KJ just wore them to her 22nd bday party and every blogger and fashion guru OBSESSED over them for a solid month. They were the $10,000 YSL glitter boots that broke the internet. I am going to be completely honest. This trend is TOUGH to style and not your everyday pair of boots. That being said, they are so cute for a night out on the town, new years party etc. I was scared of these as first but once I styled them with plain black jeans and a sweater, I fell in love. And hey, if RiRi thinks these are cool…then they are cool. (Linked the ridiculous $10,000 ones just so you could see their fabulosity)


Trend #4: The Red Boot

This has got to be one of my favorite trends of this season. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear and I swear it looks good on everyone. It must be something about feeling patriotic or the obsession with handmaid’s tale?? Red is everywhere! I have linked a ton of different styles so hopefully you can find one that works for you!


Trend #5: The Slouchy Boot

Throwwwback! Last year it was all about the skin tight sock boots. Some girls were even making their own by putting actual socks over boots (amazing). But as always, fashion recycles and the slouchy boot is back! These boots look SO good with tight skinny jeans or a short sweater dress. They are also very flattering and the volume in the “slouch” makes your legs look much thinner!


Trend #6: The Kitten Heel Boot

YIKES…Don’t be scared off just yet. I know kitten heels have been the most loved/hated trend of all time. When I think of Kitten heels I think of my 8th grade formal dances or piano recitals. I think of stuffy corporate networking events when I was in Business school. But I also think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and Paris Hilton circa 1998. So I put all my concerns aside and tried this trend with an open mind. Surprisingly…I found it very cute! It is a nice change from the sky high stilettos that we usually wear and they are perfect for the office or running around town. I style them with cropped, flare or skinny jeans. Give them a try and you might love them!







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