Cafe Reveille SF

Loved this place a LATTE!

Everyday when I walk to work in Mission Bay, I walk past the cutest little cafe. It is the definition of a blogger/hipster’s paradise! Today I finally decided it was time to see what the hype was all about!

Cafe Reveille is a hidden gem on Long Bridge Street in MB. It is usually packed in the morning because of their AMAZING breakfast assortment. The decor and aesthetic are so appealing to the eye (and make you ignore how expensive all the food is) I got a Quinoa & Kale salad with an almond milk Matcha latte. The bill was $18 which gave me heart palpitations but it was by far one of the best matcha lattes I have had in SF. The salad was filling and full of flavor. I am happy we went for lunch rather than breakfast, because there was space to breathe and our food came out super fast! It is a great place to work, socialize and most of all people watch. Make sure you grab your cameras before you go because this is an IG post you don’t want to miss.

Check out the menu below and let me know what sounds the best!

xoxo Nams 


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