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Ready or not…holiday season is coming! These days with people going all out on holiday cards, family news letters and party invites, the pressure is on! I remember when my mom used to dress my sister and I up in super extra holiday dresses, snap some pics of us at the Sears photo studio, send a few cards to my family and call it a day…things have changed. Luckily I came across Basic Invite for all of my printing needs!

I had these custom business cards made for Tresnams and am absolutely loving how clean, professional and high quality they look! The border is actual rose gold foil (SWOON). Basic Invite has so many amazing features….

  • Pretty much every color choice you can imagine
    • I spent close to 30 minutes playing around with the colors because they were all SO cute!
  • Customizable samples
    • I was super impressed that Basic Invite allowed me to create my design and order a printed sample of my cards to see if I like them before actually purchasing!
  • Address capturing service
    • Gone are the days of address books…Basic Invite allows you to collect the address of your friends and family through a super easy link that can be used on social media sites and email!

I am so excited for my photo holiday cards (my mom is having a ball) ! Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30 

To check out some more print inspo follow them on IG: @basicinvite


Now that you have your Christmas cards taken care of…you need to find an outfit! Don’t worry, that post is coming soon!


Hope you love your prints as much as I do!


xoxo Nams


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