Rosemary’s is one my favorite NY brunch spots! I have visited multiple times in the short that I have been here. My favorite menu item is the eggs benedict. They also have a delicious kale apple juice that I love! Check out the menu below for the full assortment. (Nam’s Tip: If the weather is even remotely nice or it’s a weekend…make a reservation)

xoxo Nams 


​This past weekend, I ventured into the east village and had a life changing experience…okay I am exaggerating, but dinner at Root and Bone has been one of my favorite in the city so far. We showed up around 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon, so we were able to snag a table without making a reservation. The amazing décor was the first thing I noticed. It was so quaint, rustic and beautifully done.  You feel like you are in your grandmother’s country home (if your grandma is a chic hipster with great taste)

Now the good stuff…

We started the dinner with biscuits for the table. It usually comes with two biscuits but the waiter was really nice and threw in 3 to accommodate me and my two friends (in reality I would have easily demolished all 3 by myself) The biscuits were absolutely mouth wateringly good. They were fresh out of the oven, warm, buttery and melted in my mouth. They came with a delicious savory dipping sauce that gave it the extra kick. I am a huge fan of biscuits and this one was one of the best I have ever had. For our main dishes, we ordered shrimp and grits, mac n cheese, corn and chicken pot pie. The portion sizes were enough to make you unbutton your pants at the table. Everyone unanimously loved their meals and decided it was worth the thousands of calories we had just inhaled. Our bill was around $75 for 3 people and I left feeling like I got my money’s worth.

xoxo Nams


I am so happy I FINALLY got the chance to create a blog post on these Public Desire snake skin boots! I got them as a gift and absolutely fell in love with them. I usually go for more toned down and subtle shoes…and these are definitely the opposite. Snake Skin (faux of course) was really popular this past holiday season and I found that because these are grounded in black/grey they were easier to style than most. I decided to go with an all black look because I knew wearing anything else would take away from the boots. I had mixed feedback on these shoes but I think they fit right into my level of stylish with a splash of extra. Styled these boots with black jeans and a black H&M satin bomber. Hope you liked the look! Let me know what you think!

xoxo Nam


Life is short…. and now, so is my hair.

This weekend I made the spontaneous decision to chop off 7 inches of my hair. The high lasted a total of 10 minutes before I was hit with haircut remorse. Everyone has been there. Sitting in the chair with your stylist asking you “what do you think of your new hair honey”  and you holding back tears while answering “omgggggg I love it.” All in all, after sending a few desperate texts to close friends waiting for their seal of approval, I was happy with my decision.

The experience at Atelier Salon in Santana Row was great! For first time visitors there is a great Groupon deal (linked below). The session included an quick consultation, oil massage, shampoo, cut and style. This salon is branched off of Aveda, so some of the stylists are still students. Though at times this makes me nervous, I found all the stylists working there to be extremely friendly and professional.

I will keep everyone updated on my short hair journey. If anyone has short hair tips PLEASE send them my way. For now, I am excited to be able to wash my hair without getting arm cramps (gotta love that thick Indian hair). It seems like a fun way to enter spring/summer and I can’t wait to experiment different products/styles.

To all the ladies who are on the fence about a drastic hair cut, my advice would be to go for it. I spent months pinning short hair pics on my “hair inspo” boards but eventually just had to take the plunge. At the end of the day it is just hair and will grow back (thank you argan oil)

Groupon Link


​xoxo Nams