I can’t believe March has come to an end. After a rainy and chilly start to Spring in the Bay Area, I am more than ready to pack my sweaters away. As one last good bye to all things fall/winter I have rounded up all my favorite March looks. All photos were taken by Emily Kim Photography. Please feel free to DM me at Tresnams or email me at tresnamss.com for questions! Hope you enjoy xoxo Nam


L, is for the way you look at…your credit card statement on Feb 15th. Here we are. The hangover from New Year’s is behind us and Memorial Day Weekend seems like a bleak ray of light at the end of this dark wintery tunnel. So we reluctantly look forward to (my personal least favorite holiday) Valentines Day. Many single people dread it but plot twist many people in relationships dread it as well.

The PRESSURE… to buy over priced Wine, search tirelessly for a cute IG caption, buy a red or pink dress that you will never wear again, fight 4 other guys for the last bouquet of red roses…and end the night lying in bed scrolling through your insta feed and seeing how every other couple on the planet celebrated their love. #ThankUNext

So when did showing love to your significant other become a brand marketing campaign? Why does it take a flying baby in a diaper and a $150 steak for us to show someone we care? In the age of Facebook relationships, #CoupleGoals and swiping right…is simply “loving” someone without all the extra BS enough?

Just to be clear, I am not a hater. I am the girl who starts playing Christmas music in September. From #NationalTacoDay to #NationalSelfieDay and everything in between…I am a big believer in holidays. Companies would call me their “ideal customer” because trust me I will be first in line to purchase the flashing Cinco De Mayo shot glasses at Target. So no, I don’t hate Valentines or judge people who love it. In fact, more power to you! I am just at the point in my life where all the fluff is tiresome. 18 year old Nam wanted prince charming to find her glass slipper and sweep her off her feet. 25 year old Nam just wants prince charming to find her wine glass and rub her feet.

Between the posts and likes and views and tweets… it makes me wonder… whats love got to do with it? So whether you are celebrating your first V-day as a couple, celebrating being single, celebrating with your girls/guys/pets or celebrating with your long term partner (like me)…here are 5 ways to make sure your v-day is truly about love…and not all the other stuff!

Unplug: You do not need to live stream the chef lighting your tiramisu on fire or gush over another girl’s gift basket on Snapchat. Unplug and enjoy your time with your significant other. And trust me, I am definitely not one to talk as my whole life is on IG…but a fun trick I have been trying lately is to take all the pics you want but hold off on posting them till after the activity. This way you don’t get distracted from enjoying the moment.

Start a Tradition: This is my favorite tip and something Arj and I have always tried to do. Start a tradition that you can look forward to every year. Whether it’s going to a particular restaurant, drinking a particular wine or watching a particular movie, make it something that is just between the two of you. Something that makes V-day feel a little less mainstream.

Celebrate with Everyone: You don’t have to be in a relationship to be in love. Valentines Day is a great excuse to treat your mom/dad, siblings, friends and even yourself (did someone say spa day??) There are also tons of volunteer opportunities on V-Day such as serving food to couples who cannot afford fancy 3 course meals. Spread the love with everyone!

Don’t sweat the small stuff : Trust me when I say…the “perfect” gift does not exist. And thats okay. If your partner loves you, they will love any gift you give them (Arj is probably laughing at this because I have definitely returned a few of the gifts he has given me…oops LOL but I still loved the thought behind it) So don’t break the bank and lose your mind over it. If you burn the chicken…order pizza. If your dress doesn’t fit…opt for jeans. If you accidentally forget to tell her she looks beautiful…honestly there is no way of getting out of that one.

Be the Feb 15th version of Yourself: This is so important. V-Day is one day a year where your relationship is under a microscope. The pressure and hype can turn people into a different version of themselves. If fancy dinners and heels aren’t your thing for 364 days in the year, don’t force it on yourself for V-day. Do what makes you happy!

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. A jaded guide to surviving February 14th. And remember, today may be Valentines day, but tomorrow is half priced candy day…and let’s be real, thats what really matters.


Hej from Denmark! Just spent an incredible week in Copenhagen and boy do I have a lot to share. The charming city is full of amazing restaurants, kind hearted people and lots of activities for tourists! Below I will give an in- depth summary of my trip and tips for your future travel. If you are in the mood to skim (it’s okay I am not offended lol) scroll all the way to the bottom for my condensed itinerary. Hope this post gives you a little taste of the famous “Hygge” lifestyle!

Pre Trip:

Copenhagen Card: Before heading off on any new adventure, I like to do A TON of research. I try to look for Groupons, special requirements or tourist passes that make site seeing more affordable. For our Copenhagen trip, pretty much every blog suggested buying a Copenhagen Card (linked here) This fast pass was a super easy and cost efficient way to travel the city. Every main attraction was included on this card plus free transportation! I would highly suggest buying one!

We bought the 3 day pass and it was an easy pick up at the CPH airport!

Hotel: We booked the flight and hotel as a bundle deal so we got a great price at the Copenhagen Strand Hotel. It was an old boutique hotel with an amazing location (one of the main reasons we chose it) Be cautious when setting expectations for your boarding situation. Most hotels were old and very small. Air Bnb is also a very popular option in CPH!

Language/ Currency: It was very easy to communicate with everyone in Denmark. Most metro signs and menus are in english / translated. People were very open and willing to help which I loved! The currency used in Denmark was Kroner. We did not get too much cash at the airport which ended up being okay as most places accept credit cards!

6 Days in Copenhagen:

Day 1

We landed in the afternoon and made our way to the hotel. The airport is fairly small and easy to navigate. The taxi ride to the hotel was surprisingly quick (FYI there is no Lyft or Uber in CPH just yet). Our taxi driver told us that working hours in Denmark are from 6am-3pm so traffic dies down by the evening! There is also a very easy metro system straight from the airport. If we had less luggage, the metro would have been a better option. ($5 vs $50) We were pretty exhausted from all the travel so we decided to grab some pizza and call it a night!

Nam Tip: We learned on the first night that restaurants in CPH close very early. It was a little confusing because on yelp, signs it would say that the restaurant is open till 2am but then when we went inside they said that most of the kitchens close by 8:30pm and the rest of the time is allocated for socializing and drinking! (My kinda city lol)

Day 2:

Day 2 was our first full day in CPH. The weather was a little chillier than I was expecting but nothing too crazy. It was very similar to California weather and a light jacket was enough! I could go on and on about every detail but for your sanity I will list out our activities with a brief description!

Rosenberg Castle: Least interesting of all the castles we saw but it was free admission with the CPH card so it is worth checking it out! There are very pretty garden areas where you can picnic and relax. There is also a cafe called King’s Garden Cafe that lets you rent Picnic baskets/purchase food to enjoy!

Botanical Garden: The Botanical garden is very close to Rosenberg. It is a cool spot to check out if you are a nature lover! Lots of greenery and a beautiful lake. It is a free garden for everyone but if you want to check the exhibits out (butterfly room, eco room etc) it is a $4 ticket!

Christiansven Palace: One of the prettiest palaces in CPH! It is where the Danish Royal Family frequently hosts state dinners and foreign guests. Beautifully kept and very easy to self guide yourself through all the rooms!

Royal Smushi Café: I randomly found this cafe while surfing on IG one day. It had cute decor and they served all food in sushi portions (made for a very cute insta pic) We definitely over ordered and our bill was pretty hefty. A coffee or bubbly with a sweet treat would probably have been a better option lol!

Nyhavn: Nyhavn is the main tourist attraction in Copenhagen. It is like the Champs Elysees of Denmark! Tons of colorful houses lining the canal. Lots of lively (and slightly overpriced) restaurants and bars. Our hotel was right around the corner so we decided to do a canal cruise and grab some dinner!

Day 3:

Aquarium: Copenhagen is home to the biggest aquarium in Europe. This too was included in our card so we decided to check it out! It was pretty big and had lots of cool exhibits! To be honest it was tiny compared to most American aquariums but still fun to check out!

Tivoli: Tivoli Gardens is another huge attraction and rightfully so. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip! Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world. It is a much more rustic and dreamy version of Disneyland. We just so happened to be there on the 175th anniversary and caught a glimpse of the Danish Royal Family as they walked passed us to a gala! (we were freaking out!!!) We did not buy ride tickets and it was still fun! There are lots of cute food and drink spots. We sipped rose and people watched for a solid 8 hours!!!


Day 4:

Fredriksborg Castle: This was one of my favorite day trips outside of the city! It is the biggest castle to see in Denmark and WOW it was stunning! This castle was by far the most rustic and beautiful in my opinion! There were sprawling gardens, beautiful lake and tons of intricate rooms to explore! The metro ride there took about 45 minutes each way bit it was fairly easy to get there! The town has other cute cafes and breweries if you want to spend more time exploring. We found the perfect lunch spot right on the water at a small restaurant right at the entrance of the castle!

Day 5: We spent day 5 relaxing and exploring the city by foot. Our Copenhagen card had expired and the weather was a little rainy so we chose to scope out some good wine bars / malls (the essentials)

Little Mermaid Statue: Literally every travel blog that I read said that the Little Mermaid Statue was one of the most famous Copenhagen landmarks. I have never felt more cat-fished in my life….The statue is tiny with massive crowds and tour busses swarming around it. It is definitely something you have to cross of the list while in CPH but don’t expect to be blown away!

Round Tower: The round tower is another tourist spot with a great view of the city! It is a bit of a climb to the top but worth it for the views!













Fredriksberg: Also referred to as the Beverly Hills of Copenhagen was an amazing place for eating and shopping! Could have spent hours at all the little boutiques. (Not to be confused with FredriksBORG which is where the castle is)













Day 6: Another easy day in the city. I set this day aside to hit up all my dream IG food spots.

The Union Kitchen: We started at Union Kitchen for brunch and boy was it worth it! Aside from being extremely cute and blogger approved, the food was beyond incredible. We got a brunch plate and a few lattes!!

Carlsberg Brewery: From brunch we headed to the original Carlsberg Brewery! If you are a beer lover and have the time this is definitely something you should check out. It is a short metro ride away and a really fun experience. There is a full brewery tour that you can pay for but we opted to drink and enjoy the scenery. There are picnic tables, great food, even better beer and stables to enjoy while you sip your Carlsberg Brew. They even had beer pong tournaments (let’s just say my four years in college were a waste because I lost to an 80 year old)













Illium Roofop: Another cool picture spot with tons of restaurants and great coffee!

Day 7:

Malmo, Sweden: On our last day we decided to be adventurous and make our way to a small town in Sweden. The two countries are now connected by an efficient metro line and bridge. Malmo is a small little shopping town and it was a really easy day trip. We bought a roundtrip metro ticket and to our surprise no one checked any visa or ticket the entire time! It was painless and worth the trek. Because we were in Sweden (the home of H&M) I insisted on doing some shopping and ending the day with some Swiss Chocolate (how touristy of us…)

Reffen: Before our Sweden excursion we grabbed lunch at the Reffen street food market which I highly recommend! Amazing food and drinks at a very reasonable price! We got a spicy aioli hot dog and it was one of the best I have ever eaten!

Mother: For Dinner we went to the famous Mother restaurant! Every single person who has been to CPH told me that I need to go there! It is a must try if you are a pizza lover!













We were in Copenhagen for 6 full days which felt like the perfect amount of time. That being said there are always tons of amazing spots that we could not get to! I have included my entire condensed itinerary with all my go to spots plus some that I didn’t get to!

Missed it this time

Mad & Kaffe
Kronberg Castle
Island brigge
Freetown Christiana
Pub Crawl

Condensed Itinerary 

Things To See

Rosenberg Castle
Fredriksborg Castle
Amaleinborg Castle
Christiansven Palace
Tivoli Gardens
Botanical Garden
Little Mermaid
Carslberg Brewery
Free town Christiana
Aquarium, Zoo
Canal Cruise

Places to Eat

Mad & Kaffe
Illium Rooftop
Reffen Street Food
Cap Horn
Union Kitchen
Apollo Bar
Royal Smushi Cafe
Coffee Collective

Things to Know

Easy Public Transport
Copenhagen Card is a must
Restaurants stay open late but kitchens close early (only drinks after 9pm)
Fish heavy diet
Easy to communicate in English
Don’t really need reservations at most restaurants
Lots of places are walkable or bike-able

Hope you loved reading this as much as I loved writing it! Please reach out with any questions you may have. Counting the days till my next adventure…any guesses?? Hint: Everything is bigger in…..?

xoxo Nam


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Happy Prime Day! Nothing like a Black Friday in the middle of July right? I have rounded up some of my fav Amazon steals for all of you! Most styles are under $30 and eligible for 2 day shipping (music to my ears). I also own a ton of these items so feel free to reach out with any sizing/ quality questions! As always… Happy Shopping

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Nam’s Prime Day Picks

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Happy (almost) 4th of July. If you know me, you know that this is one of my favorite holidays to dress up for (I am a sucker for a good theme party). I for one understand how stressful July 4th outfits can be. There are so many different events from bbqs to camping to dinner parties and everything in between. I have compiled a look book of my July 4th outfit inspo. I have included a variety of options from casual to dressy. I also included some options for when that food & booze baby kick in! Some products are older but most are linked in the post!

xoxo Nam

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It is JUNE 1st! How is that even possible? In honor of Summer being right around the corner, I have a fun and silly post for your entertainment. Let me know what you think. If you love what you are reading, share it with friends! Here we go…

“A day spent with you is my favorite day.”

Summer and I shared the best 3 months a girl could ever ask for….it was wild and exciting and heartbreaking all in one..this is our story.

Memorial Day Weekend was my first date with summer. I was nervous and excited. A million thoughts were running through my head. What if we don’t get along?… what if Summer isn’t hot?….OMG what if we end up going swimming….I am so not ready to show off my summer body (LOL)  I spent hours trying to find the perfect outfit to wear for that MDW bbq and decided it was time to shave my legs all the way up to my thigh…(who else gets lazy in winter and only shaves the pieces of skin that are exposed in your jeans….come on guys I can’t be the only one…) All that aside, I was excited to see where this relationship was going and when we met….it was love at first sight.

By July 4th, my relationship with summer was in full swing. I was serious, committed, attached at the hip. We spent our days drinking on the beach and our nights talking about life… wishing the days would never end. You could say that by July 4th…the SPARKS were flying. We were madly in love and I took all of Summer’s good qualities (the sunshine and 80 degree weather) for granted.

Then came Labor Day Weekend….and was I exhausted. We had seen every corny summer romance movie that ever existed. We consumed unhealthy amounts of smores, hot dogs and sangria. I started to see a different side of summer. The sun was not out as long and the leaves are changing colors a bit. I knew it was coming to an end soon but neither one of us had the courage to call it quits. We attended our Labor Day clam bakes, took one last trip to the beach and came to terms with the fact that things were never going back to how they were. It was so fun while it lasted but this chapter had to come to a close. I was sad and in denial and keep scrolling through my Instagram feed looking at old photos of Summer and I. The tan lines, cute denim skirts and “Lifes A Beach” captions haunted me for weeks.

Summer was the type of ex I will think about forever. I did try moving on to others like fall and winter. They hooked me with good food and amazing shopping… but I realized after a few blizzards… that they made me the worst version of myself. Summer is most definitely the one that got away.

And that my friends, is the story of Summer and I. Hope you enjoyed. Make sure you cherish every second of your upcoming relationship with summer….you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.

Keep an eye out for more summer content coming your way soon.

Till Next Time,

xoxo Nam


Glen plaid has had such a moment this past year and I am obsessed! It reminds me of the clothes my grandpa used to wear but I love how European and old school it looks #GrandpaChic. I got a little too excited and purchased this glen plaid duster coat along with a skirt, pants and dress (woops) The print itself is an easy way to dress up any outfit! The color and structure of the plaid look formal but can be easy to pull off with a simple shirt and jeans! I styled it with a red purse because I loved how it popped and how it complimented the red stripes on the coat. Unfortunately this particular coat is sold out but there are tonssss all over the internet! I have included a few of my affordable favs. Let me know what you guys think.

xoxo Nams


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I finally forced myself to sit down and get this Portland recap together. In all honesty, this city is impossible to capture with just words and pictures.

Coming from SF (the alleged birth place of insta worthy cafes and Patagonia wearing hipsters….) I felt right at home. If you love coffee and beanies and bike riding, Portland is the place to be. I was most fascinated by how many AMAZING restaurants lined every street. We were there for 3 full days and it was nowhere near enough time.

There is something to love for every type of person in Portland. Hiking for the outdoors lover, food on food on food for the foodies, breweries and pubs for the beer lover and NO TAXES for the shopping lover (aka me…)

I will try and pull together a quick summary of how we spent our 3 short days in Portland!


-Landed at PDX airport and took an uber into downtown (everything in the city is fairly close so getting around is very easy)

-Ate dinner at Nel Centro which was the restaurant in Hotel Modera (where I stayed) The food was fantastic and like everything else in Portland soooo shockingly affordable!


– Started the day off with an amazing brunch at Mother’s Bistro. There are a few locations in Portland and come highly recommended by everyone who has been there. The brunch was fantastic and extremely filling. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant and how spacious it was. We got the salmon hash (most popular) the biscuits and gravy and the french toast.

-We tried to walk off the Brunch calories by hunting for the cool Portland sign that everyone takes pics at. Our uber driver from the night before said that the best view of the sign would come from standing on Burnside Bridge. He was absolutely right!

-We walked from Burnside Bridge to the Pearl district (which was my favorite) It is full of shops and cafes and the attraction that I was most excited for…Powell’s City of Books. If you love to read, explore or just stand in awe..this is the place to do it! I have never seen anything like it before. I spent hours exploring Powell’s and even ended up finding my uncle’s book in the fashion section (such an exciting moment)

-From Powell’s we headed to Voodoo dough nuts. It is a staple for tourists in Portland. To be completely honest, I thought the dough nuts looked cool but they definitely weren’t the best ones I had ever eaten. It was worth the trek for the insta-pic though…

-Next on the list was the Portland Aerial Tram. It is a $2.50 ticket to ride the tram, which we found out was a mode of transportation for doctors and students at the medical school. The base of the tram is one campus of the med school and the top of the tram ride takes you to another. Nothing exciting going on there, but the views are amazing! It was a clear day and we could see Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood.

-For Dinner we headed to Bollywood Theatre which was probably one of the most amazing restaurants I have ever been to. The food and decor were beyond amazing! We ordered the Chicken Kati roll, Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji with a Mango Lassi. To be honest, I am very picky about Indian food and usually don’t eat it unless it is home cooked. This dinner surpassed all expectations!!!

-The last stop and something I was really excited about was the Multonomah Whiskey Library. I had read amazing reviews and heard only great things from friends who had been there…but low and behold I forgot my ID and they are extremely strict…soooo I did not get in. I was so sad, but now have a fantastic excuse to make another trip to Portland. (Warning: There is usually a 2-3 hour wait here, so people put their names down and grab dinner while they wait)


– I started the day with my favorite thing (Matcha and Bagels) After exploring on IG, I came across the cutest Japanese cafe. It is located right next to the Portland Museum, hence the name “Behind the Museum Cafe” The interiors were authentic and beautiful. There were all sorts of Japanese artifacts to observe and the Matcha was amazing! We also got a Matcha brownie and Lox Bagel. This cafe was a little pricier but still seemed affordable compared to the $8 Matcha that I drink in SF.

– Next we made our way over to the Zip car that we rented and started a long day of exploring. Some of our favorite stops along the way were St. Johns Bridge, Multonomah Falls, Stevenson Lookout, Solstice Pizza and some other places which we actually ended up blindly driving through (no clue what the names were) That was the beauty of our day. We just drove and drove with no map and loved enjoying the phenomenal scenery. We got lucky with the weather as well! Sunny and no rain! One caviat was that a lot of the water falls are closed in the winter / spring due to rain. Keep that in mind when deciding which hikes to go on.

-Saturday night was in interesting one. We had a dinner reservation at a fancy rooftop restaurant called  Departure but decided last minute to trade heels and sushi in for sneakers and beer. We decided to go to a Portland Trailblazers game. Both Arj and I love basketball and decided it would be fun to experience a hometown game in a different city! It was a fantastic game against OKC and both of us were so happy we experienced it.


-Had a quick brunch at Nel Centro (again) and were impressed all over again. I had an early flight so I had to head to the airport soon after. I rarely say this, but I was not ready to go home. Usually after a vacation, I feel like I have seen a majority of the things I wanted to but this time was way different. I would have loved to spend a full week in Portland to explore everything that I missed.

Overall, it was an easy, affordable and fantastic trip! I will definitely be back.

(ps: I swear, the people in Portland are some of the nicest…which made us love it even more)

xoxo Nams

(keep going to see snapshots of my fantastic trip)



Hi Loves!!

I have rounded up some of my favorite spring steals!! Let me know if you have questions…I own a lot of these items.

Happy Shopping

xoxo Nams




I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. Arizona might not be the first thing that pops into mind when you think of fine dining but boyyyy is it under rated! I love eating out in Scottsdale. It reminds me of a much more affordable version of LA or SF. They have tons of farm to table, vegan, hipster, insta-worthy and delicious restaurants to choose from!

I am such a creature of habit and always want to go to the same tried and tested places when I got to AZ (Postinos all day everyday) But this time we decided to try something new! We happened to walk by farm and craft while we were in Old Town and decided to give it a go and oh my….we were impressed!

The restaurant’s main focus is healthy fresh food that also tastes good! I was impressed by the amount of detail put into everything starting with the menu. I was stunned when I saw that their famous drink was the Kombucha Margarita! If you know me, you know that I was in heaven. The drink was $12 which is a little pricey but it was STRONG. No kidding…if I had not eaten the amount I did…I would have been crawling out of there.

For the main brunch/lunch meal we ordered a chicken pesto pizza, salmon poke bowl and strawberry brioche. I don’t even know how to describe the brioche because words are not enough. Arj and I eat out a ton and this might have been top 5 meals we have had together. He even pulled the  lactose intolerant card on me and said, “I think this Pizza might make your stomach hurt” (just because he didn’t want to share)

Overall the meal was absolutely incredible. It ended up being a little pricey for brunch ($70 total) but our hearts and tummies were full to the brim. Next time you are in Scottsdale, be sure to check this place out!!!

xoxo Nam





I always find the end of the year to be a very ironic time in my life. I put on my sequined dress and sky high heels, pop champagne and post an Instagram photo with a super cheesy New Years caption that I steal from Oprah or a Mantra Band. I sing and dance with my family and friends, and send kissy face emojis to everyone on Snapchat. I post my “year in review” video on Facebook followed by #blessed #thankful #readyfor2018. But somehow, after all the makeup comes off, the Snap story expires and the hangover kicks in…I realize that New Years is the absolute worst. It is a holiday that causes me more anxiety than usual, a time of self reflection that makes me think “damn…what exactly did I do for the last 365 days” and most of all a chance to use excess amounts of alcohol to mask the self perceived progress of my life.

But something is different this year. Let me explain.

One of my friends from college gave me a pair of earrings for Christmas. The earrings were adorable, but it was something else that really resonated with me. On the package was a quote that read “Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had.” Wow. Let’s read that one more time….

“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never knew you had.”

I have probably read that quote over and over a hundred times and realized that it is so true in regards to my life.

When I begin every new year I create lists of goals and resolutions etc. Go to the gym more, progress in your career, be a better daughter and sister…the list goes on. These resolutions come from an idea in my head. A picture of where I should be at the age of 24. A picture that has been painted by society, social media, my parents and my friends. But imagine if at the end of the year we considered all of the amazing things that happened to us outside of our “lists.” The dreams we didn’t know we had…..

My goal for 2017 was to move out of my parents house and in to the city. That didn’t happen. But instead I got the chance to spend a year living in my childhood home, saving money, waking up to the smell of my mom’s cooking and my dad’s classical Indian music. Something I know I will be grateful for later in life. A dream I didn’t know I had.

I wanted to visit a new country in 2017. That didn’t happen. But instead I was able to move to New York City for 3 months and live like Carrie Bradshaw. I explored every nook and cranny of Manhattan. I spent Memorial day wine tasting in Connecticut. I got to go to work in beautiful Tribeca and enjoy overpriced Matcha in the West Village. A dream I didn’t know I had.

I wanted my blog to reach 10k followers in 2017 and that didn’t happen (not even close). But instead I was able to land brand partnerships I would have never have imagined, I was invited to Pinterest HQ and Femme Fair. I have met hundreds of amazing new friends from all over the world. I taught myself the basics of css and launched my own site! A dream I never knew I had.

I realize that the cause of my New Year sadness is not what I am..but rather what I think that I’m not.  So this year, I have made a promise to myself to truly enjoy the beauty in not-accomplishing goals. Celebrating the dreams I didn’t know I had. Learning from the struggles of failure. And though the destination will probably end up on Social Media, it is the journey, that no one else sees, which I will cherish.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and successful New Year!

xoxo Nam



24 years. It is still hard to believe how fast time is moving. I feel like the earth makes it’s way around the sun like 10x faster than I get ready in the morning…lol. In all seriousness, this has probably been one of the most influential years of my life so far. So many great memories that I will cherish forever and so many mistakes that I have learned from. So many accomplishments to be proud of and so many regrets that I want to pretend never happened. Either way, time doesn’t stop and wait for you. When I woke up this morning the page was blank, the slate wiped clean-ish (thanks to my lovely Facebook memories that haunt me every day..I don’t think the slate can ever be totally clean) I have so many things to talk about but also have lots of birthday mimosas to chug before the clock strikes 12. So here are the 23 biggest lessons I have learned this past year!

23 things I learned at age 23

  1. 16 years of schooling does NOT prepare you for the real world (taxes are a real and not just something you get annoyed paying at restaurants)
  2. Sometimes people in power can get away with disgraceful things (Washington DC) but at some point in life they have to pay the consequences (Hollywood)
  3. Ed Sheeran’s voice can cure pretty much any shitty day
  4. It is okay to eat Taco Bell for 3 meals in a row and not feel bad about it
  5. Long distance relationships are harder than I ever imagined
  6. Relationships in general are harder than I ever imagined
  7. Trading your keyboard for writing with a pen and paper is theraputic
  8. Sometimes you will find the greatest friends in people you barely know
  9. They say that money doesn’t dictate your life…but I kind of disagree
  10. Why didn’t I start putting money into a Roth IRA when I was 5…-_-
  11. The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why….still waiting on my why
  12. Social media is not real life and the girl you are stalking has just as many demons as the rest of us
  13. Can’t decide who is the better hype man for their kids…Kris Jenner or Lavar Ball?
  14. Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have
  15. No matter what form I consume it in, I will never like Kale
  16. Having a good skincare routine is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself
  17. Working out doesn’t get easier
  18. Your parents aren’t getting any younger
  19. I have a shopping problem amongst other things
  20. Sometimes the passion fades
  21. It is okay to skip a night of drinking/ partying to read a book and sleep early
  22. Nothing comes easy
  23. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen

Ready to get Mamba Year going!

xoxo Nams


1 day, 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds till I go on vacation….but who’s counting?

These days with social media, Yelp, Expedia, bloggers and snapchat covering every corner of every city, there is very little left to the imagination. I feel like I have been to Coachella, Iceland and Running with the Bulls without ever having to leave my house! Obviously, it is not the same, but planning for vacations has become very different in this day and age. Gone are the days where your dad would bring that HUGE bulky gas station travel book and a pack of maps (omg shout out to everyone who remembers their parents arguing over directions….what was life without google maps) Gone are the days of seeing a travel agent and booking a tour guide. And of course (the saddest of them all) Gone are the days of free luggage with barely any weight restrictions. I honestly remember my mom’s suitcases for our India trips in the 90s…She could have packed me, my sister and my dad in there and still gotten a thumbs up from the United counter.

Though certain aspects of traveling have gotten easier packing has DEFINITELY gotten harder. If you are a normal human being maybe this post is not as applicable to you. But if you are borderline INSANE when it comes to packing (like me)…keep reading!

I have compiled my best tips and tricks for a pain free packing experience. The only things you will need are time, patience and a glass (probably bottle) of red wine!

*This is for a 4-7 day vacay!

Tip #1: Plan your outfits ahead of time. I can’t tell you how helpful this is. Us ladies loooveee to have options and the idea of restricting ourselves to only bringing certain outfits its scary. I get it! I would suggest planning each outfit by day and then bringing 2-3 backups incase you change your mind. Trust me I have been there. You wake up and feel too lazy to shave your legs and wish you brought one pair of jeans instead of all dresses. Keeping the spare outfits are a great solve.

Tip #2: Try to consolidate the bulky items such as jeans, shoes, outerwear and handbags. As a rule of thumb I try to bring 1-2 pairs of jeans and jackets. Handbags and shoes are wear I struggle because I love to change them up based on my outfit. I try to bring 2-3 “fashion” pairs, 1 athletic pair (which I usually also wear to the airport) and 1 formal pair! With purses, I pack them all inside of each other. For example, I will start with my cross bodies which I put inside of my clutches which then go in my big tote and eventually in my carry on! This saves tons of space!

Tip #3: Packing Cubes!! These are such a life saver for someone like me. I cannot think of a better way to organize the suitcase. It was always so challenging for me to decide how to lay things out in my bag. Then when I would reach the hotel I would have to unpack everyyything just to get to the one pair of jeans that were at the bottom. Packing cubes totally get rid of that problem. I choose to pack by “time of day/ activity” (I know I am weird guys..let me live my life lol) I pack all my daytime / casual outfits into one cube and all of my nigh time/ formal dinner clothes into another. My swim/beach clothes and undergarments go into smaller cubes.

Tip# 4: Leave Space! One of the biggest mistakes people make is packing their bag to the brim on the way there. ALWAYS leave a little room in your bag. You may decide to do some shopping on the trip, or you may decide to steal the amazingly plush cloud pillow from your hotel or you might just be too sad that your vacation is over and decide to dump everything in your bag 2 hours before take off. Whatever it is…leave some room, it will be a life saver!

Tip# 5: Bring a laundry bag! Every time I go on a trip I end up not wearing half the clothes I bring. You idealistically pack outfits for everyday but then have too many margaritas and end up wearing your “I love spring break” tee the entire time (speaking from experience) Having a laundry bag will make the post vacation laundry loads (honestly the worst things ever) a little less painful!

Scroll through for photos of my packing steps and more Nam Hacks! Keep scrolling to the bottom to see links to all products I use to pack!

Happy Travels

xoxo Nam

I love my Amazon Basics hardshell bag! It is the absolute PERFECT size and sooo spacious! If I can fit everything I need…anyone can! It is also so affordable compared to other suitcases on the market!

Packing cubes are my best friend! These are so cheap and come with a laundry bag as well! I would highly recommend these to anyone who is packing for a trip of any length!

I lay my big bags flat on the bottom of my clothes so that they keep their shape and don’t get crushed! Also how CUTE is this bag! When I saw it, I could not resist!

It’s like the cubes were built for this suitcase! They fit perfectly and still leave room for extra items!

I like to lay down a layer of plastic when packing shoes because I am a super germ-a-phobe and don’t like the idea of my shoes dirtying up the inside of my suitcase! (personal problem lol) But also really helpful if you are going somewhere sandy because all the sand gets on the plastic and not over your interior lining!

You can tell I am going somewhere warm and beachy haha! Packing for cold places is much more challenging space wise because of the big coats and boots. Luckily sandals and bikinis don’t take up too much space!

There are A LOT of clothes in there but you can barely tell! It looks like its full to the brim but most of it is air and when I close my bag there is still a TON of wiggle room. I was able to fit 14 different outfits in there!!!!  The only call out that I have is that the empty suitcase itself is a bit heavy and adds extra weight! But even after that, my bag was only 30 pounds and I definitely feel like I was able to fit everything (and more) for my 5 day trip!

I like to pack all my sunglasses and accessories in little boxes so that they are easy to find and they don’t get crushed or break!

I Love this Sole Society Duffel! It is super cute, SO spacious and the perfect carry on. I put all my designer items (things I don’t want out of my sight), bags, camera equipment, toiletries, plane books etc in there and still have so much space! And my mom always gave me the advice to pack some extra clothes just in case anything happens with your check in bag! (This is also a super affordable version of the Madewell duffel)

TONS of room in this carry on duffel bag! I even use it by itself for weekend trips! Mary Poppins would be all over this!


The End! Wasn’t that easy!!

Shop The Essentials 

Amazon Suitcase 24″

Amazon Packing Cubes

Sole Society Duffel Bag


More of my Travel Favs!



Bootie bootie bootie bootie rockin’ everywhere…everyday…with every outfit!

Shopping for trendy fashion boots can be challenging. I always go through the struggle of deciding weather or not I want to spend tons of money buying into trends that may only last for one season! Then I remember that I am not Kim K…and no one will fashion police me if I wear trends from last season.

That being said, boots are one of my favorite things to style! They are truly so easy because you can pair some trendy boots with a super simple outfit and still look amazing! Statement boots have been such a trend this fall and I decided to round up a few of my favorite trends. Some are a little out there…but I have tried to gather up boots from every style, price range and comfort level!

Trend #1: The White Boot

If you have been on social media lately…you have definitely seen white boots on the map. Who knows what happened to the whole “No white after labor day” thing! White in the fall is actually a really cute idea. The white is a nice pop color from all of the dark browns and deep reds in the fall. I own a few pairs myself and LOVE them!



Trend #2: The Velvet Boot

Winter and Velvet go together like me and netflix…a match made in heaven! No shocker that velvet is EVERYWHERE yet again. Velvet boots are definitely a fall/winter staple and perfect for all those holiday parties you will be attending! Because I know that velvet is something you can only wear a few months a year, I have linked some super affordable styles! Some starting as low as $32 bucks!



Trend #3: The Glitter Boot

You must have seen them…Rihanna has rocked them, KJ just wore them to her 22nd bday party and every blogger and fashion guru OBSESSED over them for a solid month. They were the $10,000 YSL glitter boots that broke the internet. I am going to be completely honest. This trend is TOUGH to style and not your everyday pair of boots. That being said, they are so cute for a night out on the town, new years party etc. I was scared of these as first but once I styled them with plain black jeans and a sweater, I fell in love. And hey, if RiRi thinks these are cool…then they are cool. (Linked the ridiculous $10,000 ones just so you could see their fabulosity)


Trend #4: The Red Boot

This has got to be one of my favorite trends of this season. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear and I swear it looks good on everyone. It must be something about feeling patriotic or the obsession with handmaid’s tale?? Red is everywhere! I have linked a ton of different styles so hopefully you can find one that works for you!


Trend #5: The Slouchy Boot

Throwwwback! Last year it was all about the skin tight sock boots. Some girls were even making their own by putting actual socks over boots (amazing). But as always, fashion recycles and the slouchy boot is back! These boots look SO good with tight skinny jeans or a short sweater dress. They are also very flattering and the volume in the “slouch” makes your legs look much thinner!


Trend #6: The Kitten Heel Boot

YIKES…Don’t be scared off just yet. I know kitten heels have been the most loved/hated trend of all time. When I think of Kitten heels I think of my 8th grade formal dances or piano recitals. I think of stuffy corporate networking events when I was in Business school. But I also think of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and Paris Hilton circa 1998. So I put all my concerns aside and tried this trend with an open mind. Surprisingly…I found it very cute! It is a nice change from the sky high stilettos that we usually wear and they are perfect for the office or running around town. I style them with cropped, flare or skinny jeans. Give them a try and you might love them!









I have been loving this grunge feminine trend that has been going on lately. Being able to pair a moto jacket with a delicate swing skirt is 1) so badass 2) so perfect for the fall! Ever since I saw this Asos suede moto jacket, I have been obsessed. I own way too many jackets but the material, finishings and color of this one in particular is what sold me. I have paired this jacket with just about any outfit (jeans, dresses, denim skirts etc) I loved this outfit in particular because of the “rough around the edges” feel. Let me know what you guys think and also what your favorite moto jacket for the season is!

Shop The Look Here

Clutch: YSL

Shoes: Target

Skirt: Old Navy

Bracelet: Kendra Scott

xoxo Nams




The time has finally come…FALL! There are tons of things I love about fall. The food, fireplace, festivities, family time and let’s be real…the FREAKING amazing sales! This time of year is a blessing for shopper’s like me. Nothing gets me going quite like seeing 50% off on a website…I get actual jitters when I enter in promo codes and see my “total amount due” split in half! If any of this relates to you…or if you think I am weird but you still love to shop….this is the place for you!

I will be sharing all sorts of sales, bargain finds and deals with you for the next 2 months! And there is no better way to start shopping season than with one of my favorites…NORDSTROM!

Happy shopping! Make sure to tag me in your ootds so I can swoon over all these amazing finds!

(pro tip: make sure you click into the actual link to see the sale price!)

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In real life…what does that even mean anymore? It is 12am on a Saturday night and questions like this keep me tossing and turning (how philosophical of me…you can just start calling me Aristotle)

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my blog, my instagram and all of you, the ones who make any of this possible. Who is Tresnams? Is she a part of me (I’m getting all horcrux-y on you guys…lol shout out to my fellow HP fans who understood that) or is she her own person all together. I mean, we have the same likes and dislikes, the same taste in food and fashion, but there is something different about her. She always seems put together. The cute outfits with the perfect latte art topped off with the perfect filter. Her weekends seem eventful and her vacations seem awesome. She seems to be the type of girl who works out and donates her clothes to charity. So then, who exactly is this Nam chick? What does she do on the weekends? Does she also enjoy eating RX bars and vegan pizza?

The answer is both yes and no.

This business of blogging is interesting. I think of it like a movie trailer or a sports highlight reel. You are seeing some of the best moments of my life. You are seeing Steph Curry’s 4th quarter buzzer beater not his 4th quarter ejection (this just happened today ok…still bitter) As influencers we want to put ourselves out there to be liked, pinned, retweeted, saved, shared, snapped and so on. But ironically, when I comes to the tough stuff we keep that to ourselves. You see my breakfast but not my breakdowns. You know exactly what time I get my Matcha latte every morning, but don’t know about my anxiety that keeps me up at night…which is why I need a Matcha latte every morning in the first place.

All this being said, I think that there is some beauty to social media. It is my escape. A place where I can scroll away from some of life’s problems. I can see delicious food, gorgeous clothes, serene vacations and babies..LOTS of cute babies. But at some point you become numb to the glamour. You start to compare yourself to other people’s “fabulous” lives. You find yourself staring at the same Helen Owen bikini pic for 10 mins straight. I always feel that if people would post even a few pics of their non-glam moments…all of us would feel a much deeper connection to each other. Like “hey leather pants make you feel like a stuffed Italian sausage too?? SAME GIRL SAME!!!”

I don’t want to bore you guys with the mundane moments of my life. Like imagine me posting photos of myself scrubbing through excel spreadsheets in the office, or folding my laundry. But at the same time, I want you guys to know… that side of me exists. I want you to know that yes I do choose to eat clean but I literally crave Taco Bell and Cinnamon Rolls everyday. I do go to the gym, but the entire time I am there I want to cry. I do wear cute clothes but a lot of the time I feel really insecure about the way I look.

To me, Tresnams and Nam represent different moments of my life, but at the end of the day still my REAL life. There are good moments (which end up on IG) and there are bad moments which I sometimes choose to keep to myself. You guys are the sole reason that I am able to pursue this passion of mine. The support that all of you have shown me has allowed me to open up and feel comfortable writing about things like this. And for that reason, I will try my best to include you in all aspects of my life. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I am going to challenge myself to get comfortable with the idea that not every day is a perfect day…and that is okay. Thank you thank you thank you. Every comment and message means more to me than you will ever know.

Xoxo Nams (IRL)



Ready or not…holiday season is coming! These days with people going all out on holiday cards, family news letters and party invites, the pressure is on! I remember when my mom used to dress my sister and I up in super extra holiday dresses, snap some pics of us at the Sears photo studio, send a few cards to my family and call it a day…things have changed. Luckily I came across Basic Invite for all of my printing needs!

I had these custom business cards made for Tresnams and am absolutely loving how clean, professional and high quality they look! The border is actual rose gold foil (SWOON). Basic Invite has so many amazing features….

  • Pretty much every color choice you can imagine
    • I spent close to 30 minutes playing around with the colors because they were all SO cute!
  • Customizable samples
    • I was super impressed that Basic Invite allowed me to create my design and order a printed sample of my cards to see if I like them before actually purchasing!
  • Address capturing service
    • Gone are the days of address books…Basic Invite allows you to collect the address of your friends and family through a super easy link that can be used on social media sites and email!

I am so excited for my photo holiday cards (my mom is having a ball) ! Right now Basic Invite is offering 30% off with coupon code: holi30 

To check out some more print inspo follow them on IG: @basicinvite


Now that you have your Christmas cards taken care of…you need to find an outfit! Don’t worry, that post is coming soon!


Hope you love your prints as much as I do!


xoxo Nams


Heat waves, beach days and Froyo oh my! I still cannot believe that October is around the corner and it feels like July. Don’t get me wrong…I love this Indian Summer SF has been having but I am sooo ready to unpack all of my fall apparel.

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves start crunching, you can eat/shop as much as you want and defend yourself by saying you are “celebrating a national holiday,” and best of all it is finally time to rock the suedes, cords, sherpas and booties!

Fall fashion is the best but it can also get pretty pricey. I have compiled a list of my top 50 under $50 fall styles for all of you! Save some money here and spend it on those overpriced pumpkin spice lattes instead! Hope you all love these items as much as I do! Tag me in your outfit pics so I can see how you all style everything! (and side note…there is aloooooot more fall fashion coming your way..I am kind of obsessed)

Be sure to follow me on IG for some more fall fashion inspo @tresnams

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I have officially been hit with the post Labor Day blues. The reality that Summer is over has finally sunk in. But as you pack up your bikinis and throw away empty bottles of tanning lotion…you can find solace in 2 things. 1) Winter bodies require no dieting (thank god for oversized sweatshirts) and 2) END OF SUMMER SALES.

Nordstrom Summer sale is HERE and going on till September 10th! Nothing like some good retail therapy to prep you for the cold. I have rounded up some of my favorite styles (some up to 50% off). Shop them right here and thank me when you get that cute pumpkin patch #ootd in a few months!

Happy Shopping.


xoxo Nams



This summer has been full of “out there” trends and one of my favorites have been Kimonos. I bought this gorgeous Kimono from Shein (linked below) in early spring and have been so excited to share it with you all.

Kimonos can be tricky to style especially when they are floor length and printed. I decided to go with a super casual pair of ripped jeans (literally the same jeans I wear with everything lol) and a black tank. I paired it with nude platform heels so that the Kimono wouldn’t drag (it is a little long me). Kimonos come in all shapes and lengths so you have options based on what you are most comfortable with.

An alternative way to style Kimonos are over a bikini! I absolutely loved wearing this to the beach as a cover up. It is light, comfy and adds the extra oomph to any outfit!

Hope you guys loved this piece as much as I did! I have linked all the pieces from this look as well as some of my other favs! Show me how you all style your Kimonos and as always feel free to reach out with any questions!

xoxo Nams


(all photos taken by Rachel Radcliffe Photography)




Guys, I cannot tell you how many times I have saved/ screen shotted/ pinned photos from Holy Matcha in SD! Everything about this place is instaworthy and the best part is that it is located in San Diego, one of my absolute favorite cities

When I got there, I was instantly hit with deja vu, this could be because it looked very similar to Cha Cha Matcha orrr it could also be because I have stalked it so many times on Instagram…Kind of like when you meet a guy “for the first time” but already know what kind of dog he has, where he goes for taco tuesday and what he got his mom for her bday (gotta love social media)

The pink walls, safari wallpaper, succulents, furry pillows and hipster table decor were right out of an Elle Woods Pinterest daydream. What I especially loved about Holy Matcha was that it definitely had a unique personality (don’t let the all the pink fool you, they had the best Kendrick bangers on repeat)

Now on to the good stuff…there was soooo much good stuff. The menu was diverse and had great options for every type of Matcha lover. I ended up ordering the basic Matcha Latte (with almond milk), Matcha and Charcoal soft serve and the Matcha glazed doughnut (YUM). Each item that I got was equally satisfying. The latte was perfect and though the black soft serve looked daunting, it tasted amazing (and it was vegan). As for the doughnut… it is pretty much impossible for a doughnut to taste bad, so yeah the doughnut was amazing too.

I love love loved Holy Matcha and would highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area (or you could be like me and drive 45 minutes out of your way to visit). My only advice would be to make sure you bring a friend who can 1) enjoy the amazing Matcha with you 2) take all of your IG and snapchat photos.


Hope you all enjoyed this very matcha!


xoxo Nams


Hi Guys!

So I know it seems like the NSALE has probably thrown up all over your social media feeds….I feel ya…but that’s because there are so many amazing sale items on Nordstrom.com right now! I wanted to share some of my top finds with all of you. I obviously wanted to buy everything…but realized that I would have to give up eating for approx. 4 months to afford it all! That being said, I did snag some amazing steals and want to share the wealth with all of you! Make sure you tag me in your new buys so I can see some OOTD inspo!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Nams


(Click any of the photos, or links to shop)




Happy Fourth of July! So excited to celebrate one of my favorite days of the year. There are always so many events to look forward to and sometimes finding the perfect patriotic outfit can be a challenge. The recent release of Wonder Woman had me feeling some type of way…but I came to the sad conclusion that an American Flag super suit would not be appropriate BBQ attire. I always try to be subtle with my looks but include pops of red white and blue! I definitely wanted to play into the neck tie trend for as long as I could before they go out of style and get shoved in the back of my closet with all my chokers (RIP) Each look is simple yet unique and perfect for many different occasions! My favorite part of the look are the platform shoes which were perfect for jamming out to Party in the USA (the platform also made it easy to walk in even after a few games of rage cage) The best part of it all is that each outfit is less than $100! Most of the styles are from one of my favorite affordable trend sites Shein.com! Cheers to that!


Let me know what you think of my July 4th looks!


She In: Red Fringe Heels ($31)

She In: Red Ruffle Dress ($14)

She In: Red Window Pane Top ($9)

She In: Panel Lace Up Wedges ($37)


xoxo Nams




I want to start this post with a disclaimer *I am not a dietician, nutritionist or fitness guru* I’m just a girl trying to balance her desire to be healthy with her desire to have taco bell for every meal of the day. Sound familiar? Then please read on!

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to dieting. Playing sports my whole life, I never understood the idea of diet & exercise. I was accustomed to eating like a grown man and then burning it all off at practice. In a perfect world, I would have loved to maintain that routine for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and one day you will wake up to something called slow metabolism punching you in the face. I realized fairly quickly that I would need to change my lifestyle if I wanted to continue to feel good about the way I looked.

…and then college happened.

Long story short, college turned my body into a toxic wasteland. The constant eating, drinking and lack of sleep affected me physically and emotionally. It was all fun and games until I stopped feeling/looking like myself.

It was after graduation that I decided I needed to make a change. A good friend of mine introduced me to something called Whole 30. Whole 30 is essentially a strict diet (similar to Paleo) that lasts for 30 days. I am not usually interested in these things, but her results were impossible to ignore. She told me that it was more of a “lifestyle change” rather than a diet (my friend should get a job in marketing) and I was sold.

30 days, 720 hours, 43 thousand mins, 2.5 million seconds later….

The entire experience was incredible. In addition to the weight I lost, my skin cleared up, I had more energy, my eczema was under control and I felt like a new person.  The results were more than I ever expected…but let me be very honest…it was NOT easy.

Week 1: The first week is the worst. I was constantly cranky and felt exhausted the entire day. There is a loooong list of things that you cannot eat while on whole 30 (listed below) but what I could eat was essentially meats, potatoes, veggies and dark greens. For someone who’s first thought in the morning is what flavor doughnut to get in the office, the restrictions were painful. Making it through the week was challenging, but with the help of my mom (the most amazing cook) I got to day 7 in one piece.

Week 2: Week two was easier. My body had gotten used to the absence of sugar and carbs so the cravings were not as bad as the week before. By this time, I was able to consciously make the decision not unnecessarily snack or boredom eat (my biggest problem). I was starting to get excited about the program and spent time researching new recipes/reading other people’s success stories.

Week 3: Week three was by far the most exciting. By this time, I was having no cravings. I was able to follow my daily routine and felt great about the new foods I was experimenting with. The most exciting part was that by week 3 I was able to see results. My jeans began to feel loose and my stomach felt much less bloated. I want to mention that my friend had told me not to check my weight throughout the 30 day program. She said it would help me focus on my lifestyle changes rather than the number on the scale. I am so glad I followed her advice and would recommend the same thing to anyone trying this out.

Week 4:  By week four, I didn’t feel like I was counting the days anymore. It almost felt like eating clean was my new normal. On the last day of the month, I decided to step on the scale and the results were SHOCKING! I had lost 16 pounds in 30 days. Keep in mind, I did not change my exercise routine at all, this was all from diet changes. The interesting thing was that I didn’t care about the number as much as I thought I would. All I cared about was that I felt good. It was like I had hit a reset button. Looking back, embarking on this journey was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

So you made it to day 30, Now what?!

I made the decision for myself that Whole 30 was incredible but not sustainable for my lifestyle. I love to eat amazing food and I did not want to feel like I was a prisoner to this diet. This being said, I loved so many aspects of Whole 30 that I decided to continue in a way that worked for me. One of my biggest challenges during the program was eating out. I hated being the girl at restaurants who would order a sandwich without the bread, mayo and cheese…So now, I order what I want, but make small compromises (ex: light cheese, whole wheat bread etc.) I still strictly follow the moral principal of the program which is to eat clean and lead a healthy lifestyle. To anyone who is curious, I would encourage you to try this out! Again, I would not suggest using this as a temporary solution for bikini season. I have found that eating well is in some way a form of self-respect. Implement this into your mindset and you will reap the benefits for years to come! Ending off with one quote that kept me going strong…

Eating healthy gets easier when you turn “I can’t have that” to “I don’t want that”

(the one exception to all of this is taco bell of course)

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it! Please comment and reach out with any questions or future post suggestions!

xoxo Nams


Here we are week 3 & 4. I fell behind on my blogging schedule but the weather was nice this weekend so you can’t blame me. It is crazy to think that tomorrow will mark 1 month in NYC. I feel like I have already been here for a year (my bank account feels the same way) Here goes this week’s good, great and ugly.

​The Good : Chelsea Market

I am so glad we made our way to Chelsea Market. It is a must see spot and every foodie’s dream come true. When I walked in, I was not expecting to see so many different options. It took us 30 mins to decide what we wanted because every restaurant looked so amazing. We ended up getting Japanese tacos and a boozy milkshake (mostly for the gram) Chelsea Market is the perfect place to hang out for dinner with friends or even just chill by yourself and people watch (one of my fav pastimes) The best part was that it was totally affordable and trust me….that had been hard for me to find so far!

(Nam’s Tip: Scope the menus out before hand so you don’t have a mental breakdown when trying to decide between 100 options)

The Great: Bottomless Brunch

This weekend, we celebrated a friend’s birthday with Bottomless Brunch at San Marzano and boyyyy was it a blast. Alcoholic orange juice is truly one of life’s little miracles. The food was amazing and started tasting better with each mimosa. The bottomless brunch options are limitless in the city. Some are better than others if you are trying to get more bang for your buck (aka if you are trying to get wasted for $15) Most places have a time limit for the bottomless option and require you to purchase a brunch entree as well. The eggs benny were worth every penny.

(Nam’s Tip: Don’t make plans for later in the day, because brunch turns into drinking until you fall asleep at 8pm…(trust me))

The Ugly: When the clouds go away literally EVERYONE comes out to play

Seriously though. Everyone on the island of Manhattan seemed to be out and about this weekend. The weather was beautiful so I wasn’t surprised but holy crap the lines were long. Waiting for the subway felt like waiting for a ride at Disneyland, except there was nothing magical about feeling sweat on my arm from the man next to me. Every restaurant, museum and bar had waits close to an hour long. But to be quite honest, spending the afternoon listening to mainstream pop (my girl selena) on a rooftop bar in the sun was worth it.

(Nam’s Tip: Be a celeb, know a celeb or fake either of those options…maybe they will let you cut the line.)

Till next time!

xoxo Nams


It has officially been 2 weeks since I moved from my parent’s couch to New York City. I am now a public transportation using, street food eating, j-walking, local (that’s what I keep telling myself, though I’m sure actual locals would disagree)

Now that I am somewhat comfortable with the subway and street/ave situation, I utilized my new skills to explore foreign areas of the city. And by foreign, I mean that I ventured past 35th street. So here goes this weeks recap (the good, the great and the ugly)


OMG! I can’t say this enough… the food in NYC is too good. I cannot walk down a single street without finding cute new cafes and restaurants. It is a blessing and a curse! I am still in the honeymoon stage so most of the places that I have been going to are very social media popular and on every “10 restaurants you must try in NY” list. Hopefully by week 3 I will start venturing into all of New York’s tiny hole in the wall gems! Of the many places I ate at this weekend, my favorites were Eataly for lunch and Rosemary’s for brunch. (will review both places in a separate post soon)

(Nams Tip: Make reservations everywhere. I sometimes forget that I am not Barack Obama and that  if I don’t have a reservation, I will be waiting 45 mins for a table )

The Great: The phrase “Im bored” does not exist in NYC

There is seriously a never ending list of things you can do over the weekend. This is the one thing I love most about living in a big city. Coming from the suburbs, my idea of an eventful Saturday was going to Target and maybe grabbing dinner at chipotle if I am feeling really wild. That is not the case in NY! This weekend was sunny and warm in the city, so the entire population came out from their hiding spots. We adventured all the way up to the Bronx for a Yankees game (but mostly for the hotdogs). The next day we ate crepes and enjoyed the live music, acrobats, dancers and plethora of cute babies/puppies at Washington Square Park. Later in the day, we headed to Finnerty’s in the East Village to watch the NBA playoff games. To all my Bay Area peeps (go dubs) this is a Bay Area bar, they even serve SF beer!

(Nams Tip: Don’t be fooled by the Sun or your weather apps…Humidity always gets the last laugh)

The Ugly: Scamhattan

Ok guys this a good one. You can all have a nice laugh at my expense. (LITERALLY MY EXPENSE) because…. I was scammed.

Call me a suburb girl at heart, but I always try to tell myself that people have good intentions. I may have to change that outlook on life during my time in NY. Though this was partially my fault, I was pissed. Here is how it played out…

We had just spent the entire day exploring and wanted to end off with a nice walk through central park. Our feet were so tired and we were still about 30 mins walking distance. We decided to hail a cab when we saw a nice looking man (boy were we wrong) rides up to us in a rickshaw. He said he would take us to Central Park and we could enjoy a scenic ride on the way. Now we knew it would be a little more expensive because that is always how these “fun” experiences are. What we didn’t do was ask exactly how much it would be. Fast forward 12 minutes and we pull into Central Park. Our driver immediately whips out his calculator and that is when I knew we were in trouble…. He charged us $6 per minute for a 12 minute ride….SEVENTY TWO DOLLARS for a TWELVE MINUTE RIDE. Im honestly getting heated just typing this. Lucky for us, we were raised with Indian parents and know a thing or two about bargaining. We told him we could only give him 35 max and of course he grabbed it and bolted. Lesson learned…NEVER assume anyone who is trying to sell you something is a “nice guy.”

(Nams Tip: Don’t be lazy like us…use your feet and walk for free to avoid a $70 rickshaw ride from hell)

So there you have it! My second week in NYC was one for the books. Check back for more!

xoxo Nams


Last week, I packed my suitcases and moved across the country. I guess living next to the big apple was not enough (get it…because I live in Cupertino…5 mins from apple HQ…please laugh). So I decided to move to the even bigger apple, NEW YORK CITYYYYY.

I got an amazing opportunity to live in New York through work and have never been more excited! I will only be here for 2 months but am so excited to share this amazing adventure with all of you! After being pushed on subways, yelled at for walking on the wrong side of the escalator, getting lost at least 3 times a day, starting work at a new office, learning the difference between streets and aves and trying not to giggle when people say “New Yawkk”…I made it through the first week in one piece. Each week, I will share 3 NY moments with all of you.  Don’t worry, I will include the good, the bad and the ugly.

Here we go…

Taking the Subway ( The ugly)

I am from the suburbs. The only form of public transportation that I ever use is Lyft. So you can imagine how I looked trying to get on a packed train during rush hour. Nothing like a nice armpit whif of the man standing next to you to start your day! To be fair, NY has one of the most efficient public transportation systems I have seen. It is quick and affordable. I am hoping to get subway savvy before I leave, but as of now the only Subway I am an expert on is the one full of ham, mayo and pepper jack cheese.

(Nams Tip: Bathe in hand sanitizer)

Stormy day in NY (The bad)

The first two days of my New York experience were beautiful. The sun was out, kids were playing and I got away with wearing no jacket for the whole weekend. And then mother nature hit menopause. My first New York storm was an interesting experience. Ice cold wind, horrible traffic,  flipped umbrella and destroyed shoes were all my reality before 12pm. Besides the fact that I bumped into a large balloon and apologized because I thought I had hit a person, it was all good.

(Nams Tip: Do not bother doing your hair or makeup on rainy days in NYC)

Brunch (The really really good)

No words can describe the brunch lifestyle in NYC. Coming from SF, where the clock literally stops for brunch, I had very high expectations. I was truly blown away by how many amazing brunch spots lined almost every street. The crowd looked fun and the food looked even better. After two bites of my eggs benedict, I was officially in love with the NY brunch scene. I am so excited to eat my way through all of the yummiest and of course most instagrammable brunches in the city. Please send me any recommendations you have as well!

(Nams Tip: Bring an empty stomach and lotttttssss of $$$ )

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my first week in the big city! Check back for more.

xoxo Nams


This weekend I attended an amazing event in SF called Femme Fair. It was a shopping/networking event for bloggers and lady bosses from all around the Bay Area.

In addition to the incredible set up, fabulous shopping and delicious food… the event was a great way to mingle with other ladies pursuing work in the blogging space. The atmosphere was inspiring and I left feeling like I had learned so much from other women on the same journey as me. In such a saturated market, launching a successful blog sometimes seems unattainable. But chatting with everyone and hearing their stories and struggles made it easier to remember that every successful blogger started from scratch and built their brand from the ground up. It was a great way to keep all of this in perspective. The event organizers did not pass on a single detail and everything was executed beautifully. I hope this event becomes an annual celebration!

Also, major shoutout to all the wonderful men who were there supporting their ladies…the world needs more fab guys like you!

​xoxo Nams


​This is one of my favorite easy looks for busy/chilly NYC days. I have been on the hunt for the perfect oversized denim jacket and ended up finding it in the men’s section at GAP (surprise surprise) This denim jacket was part of their 90’s re-archive collection and had the cutest vintage look to it. I got it in a small and was lucky enough to get the custom embroidery done at a GAP employee event! I paired it with a black bodysuit (Gap), jeans (Old Navy), booties (H&M) and double buckle belt. The jacket is so comfortable and easy to style so don’t be surprised if you see it in future blog posts! Let me know what you think of this look!

xoxo Nams

(all photos taken by @loveprintphotography)


While blizzards hit the east coast, this west coaster insists that it’s seasonally appropriate to starting wearing florals and pink once again!

My look was inspired from my current obsession with the 70s. This casual denim and black combo can easily be made into a statement with a small pop of color. The Old Navy wide leg jeans are one of my all time favorite because of how comfortable they are. The Old Navy neckerchief was my favorite accessory and easy to throw on pretty much any outfit. I was on the fence about buying a pair of baby pink heels but felt that with pink all over the runway during fashion month, this was the only time of year I could get away with it. The pink heels are from H&M and so comfy. I was able to prance around SF in them all day. My next task will be to re-watch all seasons of “That 70s Show” for more Mila Kunis outfit inspo. Hope you all enjoyed this look!

xoxo Nams


Loved this place a LATTE!

Everyday when I walk to work in Mission Bay, I walk past the cutest little cafe. It is the definition of a blogger/hipster’s paradise! Today I finally decided it was time to see what the hype was all about!

Cafe Reveille is a hidden gem on Long Bridge Street in MB. It is usually packed in the morning because of their AMAZING breakfast assortment. The decor and aesthetic are so appealing to the eye (and make you ignore how expensive all the food is) I got a Quinoa & Kale salad with an almond milk Matcha latte. The bill was $18 which gave me heart palpitations but it was by far one of the best matcha lattes I have had in SF. The salad was filling and full of flavor. I am happy we went for lunch rather than breakfast, because there was space to breathe and our food came out super fast! It is a great place to work, socialize and most of all people watch. Make sure you grab your cameras before you go because this is an IG post you don’t want to miss.

Check out the menu below and let me know what sounds the best!

xoxo Nams 


Pink décor and matcha galore! I finally made my way to one of Manhattan’s many tourist traps, Cha Cha Matcha. I have had this café on my list since I first saw it on Instagram. Everyone on ig has a picture in front of the famous “Matcha Gracias” sign and I wanted to embark on my own right of passage.

When we got there on a warm Saturday afternoon, I was not surprised to see the line out the door. I could already tell that most of the bright eyed people waiting for matcha were not locals.  I usually get funny looks when I whip out my giant camera and start taking pics of everything, but not here.

After 15-20 mins, we made it to the front of the line and of course my usual ordering anxiety kicked in. I can NEVER decide what to get. It is always a constant battle of “that would taste good, but that would look better in a photo” (kidding guys…kinda) I ended up getting an iced matcha latte with almond milk and a mixed matcha & jasmine soft serve. I was in heaven.

It was PACKED inside the café and I had to use my newly found New York pushing/shoving skills to get a picture of the famous sign. Finding a table was a whole other issue. We had been keeping our eyes on a young couple who had empty mugs and were taking snapchat selfies in the corner. They looked like they were wrapping up and by the look on the boy’s face after his girlfriend took yet another kissy face shot with her “thank you very matcha” cup… they got up to leave.

Now let’s get to the good stuff. The soft serve was AMAZING! I have proclaimed myself to be lactose intolerant but decided every bite was worth the stomach pain. The jasmine and matcha flavors were a delicious mix and the consistency was perfect. After spending a full 5 minutes obsessing over the soft serve, I prepared myself for what I had been anxiously waiting for, the matcha latte.

And…..I was slightly disappointed.

My goal with this blog is to give you a truthful depiction of my thoughts and experiences, so I have to be honest. The iced matcha latte was good, but not the best I have ever had. It was a little diluted and tasted like matcha flavored water. I was underwhelmed and a little sad that it did not meet my expectations. On the bright side, I am here till June so I will have plenty of time to give it another try. Next time I will order the hot latte and see if that is any better! Also please keep in mind that this is my personal taste preferences and I would still highly suggest all of you to try it for yourselves. Overall the experience was great and clearly blog worthy. Let me know what all of your fav matcha spots are in NY!

(also fun drinking game idea…take a shot for every time I wrote the word MATCHA)

xoxo Nams


  Eataly is truly a spectacular place to visit when you are in New York. It is in Midtown right near the Flatiron building (there are multiple locations but this one is my fav)

The whole place is an Italian grocery store/market with EVERYTHING you could possibly imagine. Gelato, Pasta, Seafood, Snacks, Pastries, Meats, Wine…you name it, they have it. The ambiance is very high energy and it truly feels like being in an Italian street market.

I must say, we went on a Saturday when the sun was out and it was extremely crowded! Personally, I thought it added to the fun! After touring the market, we headed up to the 14th floor to their rooftop restaurant (Baita). Inside Eataly there are multiple restaurants which can get confusing. So when making reservations (which I highly suggest you do) make sure you specify which restaurant. The rooftop restaurant was even better than I expected!

We ordered Gnocchi and a Prosciutto board. They had the most amazing looking cheese platters and melted cheese raclettes but unfortunately I could only admire them from a distance (shoutout to all my lactaid users)

​We ended the meal with some delicious Gelato and a bite sized tiramisu (kept up with the carbdashians in full force) Overall it was amazing and I will definitely be going back!

Hope you enjoyed!

​xoxo Nams