A Nam With a Plan

Hi loves!

I am truly blessed to have each and every one of you on this journey with me. During those rare occasions when I stop watching Netflix and reluctantly get out of my sweats, I enjoy sharing life’s simple moments through photos and punny captions.

Trèsnams; French for “Very Nams”  (Ironic, because I do not speak a word of french…) was created on the day I realized that outfit selfies taken in my bathroom mirror were so Myspace 2007. What started as a hobby two years ago has turned into a passion.

I have always had a close relationship with the right side of my brain, and it has allowed me to see the world in color. My hope is that this space will inspire other women, in whatever walk of life they happen to be in, to embrace their creativity, just as it has done for me. Find your fire.

And to be completely honest…I desperately wanted a space to post all my favorite looks. Because if a girl wears a cute outfit and doesn’t get any pictures…did she really wear a cute outfit?”

See you at the top.

xoxo Nams



Contact: Tresnamss@gmail.com